30 November 2013

The Best of November

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Truly the Lord is Good – Thanksgiving

Psalm 100

Christmas Ornaments

Varieties finished
Varieties finished

Advent Calendars (Advent starts tomorrow – December 1st)

Here are some ideas that you  may want to try for yourselves.

Advent Wreaths111

Advent Wreaths1

God Will Always Provide

Note:  This encouraging sign has had the most repins of all my boards on Pinterest.

God will provide         This is so true!!!     Many times when we have been in need, God has always supplied those needs in many and various ways.  We have gone on mission trips to places like India and we were supernaturally left money on our doorstep, the next time our way was paid for and we had to pay the money back, and still another time we went with nothing, and had to trust God along the way every day.  The Lord wants us to trust Him, not methods or manipulation (trying to figure it all out on our own).

We had other means of financing trips and projects: selling all that we could – even cars, working part-time jobs, and trading services.  God is creative, He wants to bring ideas to you that you wouldn’t think of except by a “word of knowledge”, by the Holy Spirit.  Believe Him for the things you need, He will supply them beyond what you can think of or ask for!  I love that about God!  Once when I needed money for a trip He specifically told me, “When you were a child and you went on a road trip, did you ever question your dad about where you would sleep, what you would eat, or how much the trip would cost?” I had to say “no”.  “So put that same kind of trust in Me and I will take you where you need to go!”  I have never forgotten that!





Being thankful opens doors of significance, love, and peace.  When we know our source and trust His provision we cannot live without His faithfulness in every situation.  No matter what your circumstances are right now, the Holy Spirit wants to invade them and give you a sense of Himself, His presence, and His communion.  Thankfulness acknowledges what He has done, what He is doing, and where He is taking you in the confidence of His love.  His thoughts for you are without end and are always good!


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29 November 2013

Charmed, I’m Sure

Charm Bracelets

Creating a legacy of history to pass down.

My keepsake charm braceletMy sterling silver charm bracelet.  Each charm tells a story of an event in my life.

The love of charm bracelets began when I was very young.  My older sister, Judith, had one in the 1950’s and I was always intrigued by the beautiful pieces and the history behind each one. She even had a charm that our dad made of one of her baby teeth that fell out.  He cast it in gold using a mold from the real tooth.  I thought about having one for myself and began finding them in my travels, buying them as souvenirs. Once my family caught on that I loved them, they started buying them for me as gifts.  There are so many memories contained in that little bracelet that I will treasure always, then it can be passed down to my granddaughter.

Here are some details:

IMG_0358Silverware: to remember the fine dining at our house,  Noah’s Ark: my sons (3) favorite Bible story,  Eiffel Tower: visit to Paris, Greek coin: a gift from a mentor/friend who lived across the street (such a wonderful lady),  Statue of Liberty: a trip to New York City to visit my daughter who lived there, Baby cup: for all my children – commemorating Mother’s Day

IMG_0359Anchors: hope is the anchor of my soul & they remind me of my dad, who served in the Navy,  Camel: I love camels,  Elephant with her baby: another Mother’s Day gift from my daughter,  Star: who my family believes I am,  Merry-go-round: it reminds me of my childhood and the fun I had in Santa Cruz as a kid, at the Boardwalk .

IMG_0361Cuckoo clock and Beer Stein: family roots and trip to Germany, Ship’s lantern: a gift from my dad, Golden Gate Bridge: living close by and the hundreds of trips over, under, and on it,  Cow skull:  my love of the Southwest (and cowboys),  Computer: I owned one of the very first Mac computers in 1986, Cup of tea: my love of hospitality, Hippo: trip to Africa & the personal encounter with a hippo, Bible: my heart belongs to the One who loves me like no other (it actually opens with paper pages inside)


Teapot: another love – great tea,  Bird cage: we always had birds growing up and they were all named Pancho Villa,  Cross: for my faith,  Minnie Mouse: trip to Disneyland,  Scripture locket: my daughter has the other half, from Ruth and Naomi’s story in the Bible,  Lighter: another gift from my dad, he said I could light the world on fire (hum!)

I believe that we should all have good memories, however, I know that some of you just haven’t because of things left out of your lives.  Now would be a great time to start something new, to create new memories to pass into history. 
Take the advise of the following website: www.fineestateliquidation.com

We Might As Well Call Them Memory Bracelets- because vintage sterling silver charm bracelets tell a story.

Vintage charm bracelets

I believe in memory, and the way objects are understood to hold memory, to tell stories, and act as place markers; to me that is what Vintage Charm Bracelets do – They Hold Memories…

That’s what makes them so popular; that there is a story contained, and artfully dangling from each and every one of them…

“Memories, light the corners of my mind…”

My suggestion to you, if you know that your Mother or Grandmother has a Vintage Charm Bracelet – is to have them tell the story that their charm bracelet contains. And to have them do that in front of a video camera, this could be an incredible and easy way to gather and collect a part of her history, that might otherwise be lost.

Elegant, Classy, and Fun…Vintage Sterling Charm Bracelets are a great way to make your own individual fashion statement. Every one of them is different, each with their own story.

They are for the most part not name branded, or designer themed, but are more an expression of one woman’s experience navigating through her world, and more often than not they represent her story of love – how she loved, where she loved and with whom she loved…



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25 November 2013

Christmas Ornaments part 2

Two More Ornaments



I am having so much fun in my workshop/studio creating all kinds of ornaments and crafty Christmas stuff.  These are two examples of what I did today.


IMG_0353This year I am concentrating on vintage crafts and everything white.  Stay tuned for more exciting things to come.




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20 November 2013

A Word of Inspiration

God Will Meet You

Trust God with all your heart, evenPicture courtesy of globible.com

When we face our greatest needs, whether financially, health problems, relationships, immediate danger, or situations out of our control, we need to stop where we are at, recognize that the Holy Spirit rules and governs over everything… then you need give your concerns over to His care, thank Him, and walk in peace…trusting God that He will carry you and supply your needs.  The hardest part is to allow Him first into the situation, and let go.  His riches in glory are limitless and you are His child.  BELIEVE!

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:19

“that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man,” Ephesians 3:16