31 August 2014


Treasure #1 Found

While cleaning drawers and cupboards at my mom-in-law’s house, I came across this pen and ink drawing that I’d done for my pop-in-law, way back in 1982 (my signature is hidden in the picture, see if you can find it!).  I was really into calligraphy back then and doing much more detailed work.

The family tree on my husband's father's side.
The family tree on my husband’s father’s side.

I would spend days drawing for birth certificates, family trees, wedding announcements/invitations, and tons more.  Can you believe it?!  I think now I’m into color and simplicity.  Hopefully, as I explore the house I’ll find more and I can’t wait because there is treasure galore here.


Remember last week when I announce that I was moving?  Well, I don’t think I’m suffering much, and it is only temporary.  My “studio” (a card table) and my “office” are ready to put out some work, though it is a huge temptation to sit out by the pool.  Here are a few pics of the backyard.

9361 9362 9363 9364

God is so good and His mercy and grace are abundantly overflowing in love, huge hugs and whispers of kindness, towards us every day!

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23 August 2014


Gentleness: Fruit of the Spirit

“Let your gentleness be known to all men.”

IMG_0004Some people are naturally gifted in gentleness, I really admire those who have a gentle spirit.  I generally don’t seem to always walk in that Fruit of the Spirit – I’m just being honest here, but that may be my perception of myself.  When I’m ministering to others I hear patience and honor come out of my mouth, though my prophetic side is sometimes not as gracious.  I discern things in a person’s life and have words of knowledge about that individual and that can cause judgmental thoughts.  I try to see Jesus in that other person and His grace upon their life, then empathy and the love of God penetrates against any judgement, and I feel His great love for them.

Extend God’s grace and give each person that you encounter loving gentleness with your words and actions.


Thank you so much for your faithfulness in following my blog!  It encourages me to keep going knowing that you are inspired and  find my adventures worth tagging along for.

I have had such a crazy summer so far, I have barely been home.  Now I will be moving…to a temporary (we think) location three hours from where we live now.  My husband’s mom is in great need of care, and this past week we moved her to an awesome independent care facility (almost like a resort), where she has an great apartment with a view to die for, on a lake.   I will move into her house to care for it and help her for a while.  I don’t think that things will change here on my blog and I have awesome plans about new projects and ideas…sort of fresh scenery.

I’ll give you a tour of some of my projects and keep you up to date on the redo, decorating, and modernizing the old place – rich with history and fabulous treasures!  I’m looking forward to garage sales, estate sales, and farmer’s markets and other family in the area on the weekends.  My mom had a highly successful antiques business there, so I know great finds and treasures are everywhere in  the area.

My second anniversary of blogging is coming up soon, keep watching for a special offer!

Rest in the peace of God and let it be your guide.  Follow the peace.


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12 August 2014

The Last Days of Vacation

Southern California

We finished out our two week road trip vacation with Disneyland and beaches in Southern California.  Here are some of the fun things we saw at “The Happiest Place on Earth” first.  We arrived at 7:00 am and an empty parking lot (smile), but we had a purpose for being there so early, we boarded our dogs at the Kennel Club inside the park.  It was only $20 for the day (first come, first served) and the lady who was in charge of the kennel has gotten rave reviews for her service…  She was excellent!  Our dogs (Gigi and her cousins Colby and Lorenzo) were really happy there, I guess they were officially Disney Dogs.  Enjoy!

Dis1 Dis2 Dis3 Dis4 Dis5 Dis6 Dis7 Dis8 Dis9 Dis10 Dis11 Dis33 Dis44 Dis55 Dis66 Dis77


We had a fabulous time!!! It was a great day – all 17 hours there (7am to 12am).  We did every thing: Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Runaway Train, Tom Sawyer Island, the Haunted House, and so many more.  We did a lot of shopping too, souvenirs galore, and we want to go back.  I hope you plan a trip there with your families and add great memories of time together.


Finally, we rested after traveling thousands of miles, eating every cuisine on the planet (first time eating Korean food!), seeing wonders of the Southwest and enjoying every minute! Fun, fun, fun!

sc1 sc2 sc4 sc5 sc7

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11 August 2014

Love, Love, Love

Love Is All There Is….

1thess3God already sheds His love abroad in our hearts…so I guess we need to pray that that love increases and abounds in our hearts for all.  In the end love holds this world together and it conquers all…love is all we need.

5 August 2014

God is Good

God is so Good

God is goodSometimes I don’t have the connection to God that I need or want and I get discouraged. Certainly Jesus has said “I will never leave or forsake you.” and “I am with you always even to the end of the world.”

Since Jesus is the truth we need to believe that what He says is a constant and positive reality…we can’t go  by our feelings. I know He loves and adores me (you too) and He is my constant companion and the Holy Spirit guides me continually.  Be encouraged – YOU ARE LOVED! ♥  God is good!