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Deborah “Annie” Ruge

I have always been creative, even artistic, it is in my DNA.  My passion though, belongs to creating better personal spaces in our lives and homes, beginning with taking the ordinary and transforming it into the extraordinary.  If you have followed my blog long enough you’ll see my everyday creativity in my art, spiritual life, furniture, decorating, and inspiration in crafts and projects.  I hope you follow this journey with me to discover new things, new ideas, and hopefully help you be inspired to re-create the environment in your home to make it a comfortable, happy place.

Inspired daily!
Inspired daily!

Why theOnething1721?   First of all my deepest passion is for the Body of Christ and seeing the Bride take her place beside the One she truly loves – Jesus!  1721 is for John 17: 21 where we would be as one as the Father and Jesus are, it true unity!

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