27 June 2016

With All My Heart I Am Determined to Know Him


My heart cries out to know Him more deeply and intimately, to know Him in new ways that I’ve never known Him before.  Isn’t that the purpose of having a relationship with the One Who saved us unto Himself?  I am determined to find out more, He is a universe of wonders -our hearts should have no other purpose.  Make yourself available to understand His heart and ways.


Angel of FinanceThis is the original painting I did several years ago after an encounter with an angel…the angel of finance.  He was pouring out anointing and prosperity onto the saints who were open to receive  blessings from the Father.  There was no limit to the goodness that God wanted to supply, it was only belief that His unlimited resources were also part of your destiny and use for the kingdom. Do you believe today for more than you could ever ask or think – of the pouring out of God’s riches into your life?  “The blessing of the Lord makes one truly rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.”  Proverbs 10:22

3 August 2015


Is He Knocking on the Door of your Heart?

3 doorsDoors

The Lord gave me a word today, so I thought I’d share it:

Doors of destiny are beginning to open in your life with opportunities for new ideas, strategies, and creativity.  These doors will open when our hearts are surrendered to the Holy Spirit and not tainted by presumption, fear, prejudice, and pride.

  • Presumption:  Assuming you know exactly what God is saying without consulting His Wisdom and timing.
  • Fear:  These new doors open by following the Holy Spirit by faith, without timidity and fear – because without faith it is impossible to please God*.
  • Prejudice:  When you determine God’s will for yourself, because you can’t see outside the box – not willing to accept that He may be calling you to new things, people, and places, outside your comfort zone and ideals.
  • Pride:  Resisting God and not walking in humility with a contrite heart, and laziness.

These doors open the Kingdom glory, power, and purpose… designed in your life to do the “greater things” that Jesus spoke of.   The greater things in you, your community, and in the world.  God wants to set the world on fire with the knowledge of Him and the Glory that shall cover the Earth…coming with the exaltation of His Son, Jesus.  What better way to walk into your destiny than by opening the doors that He is knocking on now, revealing His heart to you.

*Hebrews 11:6

Door CollageWhich do you choose?

3 January 2015

Happy New Year -2015

Happy New Year

Annie2015This is a new year and a new day!  Things are changing and will never be the same…get ready, fasten your seat belts, we are leaving the old behind and traveling on a new road towards the Promised Land!  The dreams, prophecies, promises, and desires that have alluded you in the past, maybe for years, is now within your grasp.  It is a new day dawning and an adventure of no limitations is coming, if you want it.

Begin to listen for God’s voice speaking the NEW things that He has prepared for you…things that you have never heard before because He is providing clarity and purpose to your dreams and vision, so that you can walk in a new way! Beloved, He is waiting!